Sheep Meets Tree – OPEN CALL 2018

Within this new category wollkunst (Wolle=wool, Kunst=art)
it will all be about inspiration, information and art
istic confrontation with textile ART – in our case, of course with a special focus on sheep´s wool.

As a start we launch an OPEN CALL for our new recurring artistic experiment:

In order to experience the versatility of sheep’s wool, we invite artists to create works of art in changing fields of tension every year from 2018 onwards. To expand the boundaries of the obvious, we don´t want to limit our focus to sheep´s wool or textile techniques. Instead we are looking for cross-material artistic works, where textiles and other materials add up to something refreshingly new. To enhance the artistic challenge of looking beyond the edge of sheep´s wool, the focus of the exhibition changes every year.

We are looking for works that show what is possible beyond the conventional.
Works that inspire and enthuse.
Works that open up the enormous potential of textile techniques and materials.
Works that transcends the limits of routine and utility.
Works that link tradition to progress – and progress to tradition.

For the Craft-Art-Fusion´s 2018 Open Call we have decided upon the motto: Sheep Meets Tree
and kindly invite international artists to submit two- or three-dimensional works of Art made of sheep´s wool AND wood .

The selected works will be part of our 2-step touring exhibition (August/September 2018) through Austria.

Submission details in English: CAF18_OPENCALL_SheepMeetsTree