Open call-WOOL meets METAL


Wollmodus will continue to support international textile art in 2020, after two successful exhibitions in 2018 & 2019. We promote textile art, we want to make it visible from afar and show what is possible.


We are looking in 2020 again for …


works that show what is possible beyond the conventional.

works that inspire and enthuse.

works that open up the enormous potential of textile techniques and materials.

works that transcends the limits of routine and utility.

works that link tradition to progress – and progress to tradition.


After the wonderful fusion of sheep’s wool and wood in 2018 and wool and paper in 2019,

we found a new dance partner for sheep wool in 2020.

Under the motto of the year: “Wir WOLLEn METALL” is now all about sheep wool + metal works.


Submission details, deadlines and formats are now available for download.

From now on we are also available for questions  via our email address:


The selected works will be part of our 2-step touring exhibition (October/November 2020) through Austria.

  • Kick-off exhibition in Vienna, at the gallery Eisenwaren Kamp: 29.09.-11.10. 2020
  • In Perchtoldsdorf Castle – as part of Kunst im Handwerk: 7.-8. November 2020


All the best

Barbara & Sawatou